Cameo Art How Did This Happen?

Sometimes random circumstances come together to make something amazing. I have been an artist

Art Cameo with Cherubs

all my life. I actually have an Arts degree. I have drawn and painted since I could hold a pencil, and for the health of my soul, I have to create. I have made and sold handmade things online since 2013 in one shop or another. When I was volunteering for my local recycle-reuse center, I came across these beautiful Italian frames. I fell in love and took them home, but I had no idea what to do with them. Sure, I could have put my adorable son’s picture in them or one of my beautiful mother, but I felt I could make something really special with them. I wasn’t sure what.


They stayed in my cabinet. I would take them out and admire their beauty. I would try different things, add paper, maybe I could add a vintage image, a bird? Butterflies? Nothing seemed right. This went on for five years, and I forgot about them.


In 2019 I opened my newest shop with jewelry and hair accessories and decided to make a jewelry line with African American cameos. I did some lovely pieces, but then I put the Cameos in the frames, and something incredible happened. They were perfect, made for each other.


I loved them, but they were not exactly flying off the shelf. It took six months for my first three to sell. On a whim, I posted them in this Facebook group I had just joined. I was in for a surprise. The post blew up and suddenly, the cameos were flying out of my shop. The popularity of my cameos might also be part of the new wave to support and appreciate African American Artists. I am proud to be a part of that community.


A customer asked me, “how did you come up with this idea?” I had to think back. How did this happen? Randomness? My mother used to say beauty is as beauty does. This was a new form of beauty, waiting to be born. I was to be a part of it. -Yael



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