Today was one of the best days of my life

Today is a very important day. I opened a checking and savings account at my local Credit union. Not only was I able to open the account with a decent amount of money what made it really sweet was I the place I am coming from.  Two months ago I had run out

me Photo by my friend Dora

me Photo by my friend Dora

of food and I was standing heartbroken in front of closed food bank. That was the only food bank in the area that returned my call. Check out my post about that moment. On top of that I had not been able to open a bank account for months due to an issue with another bank. I went home determined to make it, somehow. My life was such a mess I could barely acknowledge the severity of the situation. I had no food no money no job. I had just left an abusive situation. I owed the IRS money from years ago and I was waiting for them to find me and demand their money.  I hadn’t paid my student loan for years and was waiting for them to come after me. I couldn’t open a bank account because I had an issue with Bank of America. I left the bank angry over beyond belief overdraft fees. I was behind in my car payments, worried it would be repossessed. I couldn’t afford my car insurance and my drive license was suspended. A mess! I got on the phone and found a charity that sent me a $50 gift card for food. I had a few things going for me my wonderful son, I had a place to stay, a computer and an online shop. I got on that computer and clicked and messaged and researched until I was able to generate some sales for myself. I did my taxes and back taxes and found out the IRS owed me quite a bit of money.  A lawyer called me and said they had a small settlement for me for a car accident I was in a few years ago. It was a very small settlement but very welcome.That actually happened. It was like a movie. I had been ignoring their calls for months thinking they wanted money from me.  I took care of my car payments, insurance and license with that money.

Two vases from my Costal selection

Two vases from my Costal selection

And when the IRS checks started to come in I needed a bank account to deposit them. I had an ad hock limited account with Blue Bird for people with bank account issues like me. But I didn’t want to send my checks away to some internet entity with limited services. I was talking to my girlfriend who is aware of my issues and told her I was going to try to open a bank account. She asked me which bank and I said Chase or maybe a credit union. I have no idea why I said a credit union,  that had never occurred to me before. She said the only one she knew was Tropical credit union. After my son went to sleep I looked them up. I was thinking I wouldn’t be eligible because aren’t credit unions for teachers and policemen, people with specific occupations. I applied online and by the morning I was approved I was really shocked. When I went to the credit union with my IRS check they were so nice, very different from the banks I was used to. It seemed like they really wanted to get to know me. Not that fake wanting to get to know you we are all familiar with. I could say I am back!  But I am better than I was before. I continue to work hard. My goal is to keep that money as the beginning of my savings for a house. It is hard to believe the shape I was in 2 months ago. It seems like so long ago. In the thick of things I wanted everything to happen faster than it did but I can’t believe how fast it did happened. Stay tuned for more adventures and check out my shop, I worked hard on it ❤ …Melissa

My Verdigris Cherub. I just found out what that means

My Verdigris Cherub. I just found out what that wordmeans

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