Standing In Front Of The Closed Food Bank I Knew I Had To Take Control

The real deal of my life.

Melissa I. Aldana Art

am a domestic abuse survivor and I support myself and my son through sales of my Art work.

American Kestrel original WatercolorAmerican Kestrel original Watercolor. My newest painting

I have kept the fact I experienced domestic abuse very private until now.  I always knew that I would share my story. I thought it would be after I re-conquered the world and I was back on top of my game, but something happened last week that changed my mind.

Last September I moved 1500 miles, with my eight year old son, to start a new life with a man I had known for 7 years. I had dated on and off for that time. The off time was mainly due to the fact he had moved to upstate New York.  I lived in Florida. I didn’t want to move and I was busy tending my career selling luxury watches. But then I quit my…

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2 thoughts on “Standing In Front Of The Closed Food Bank I Knew I Had To Take Control

  1. Hi Melissa,
    I commend you for telling your difficult story. It is one all to familiar as you have unfortunately found out. I pray for you and your son and will keep posting you artwork which is INCREDIBLE, to my links. Best of luck to you and keep faith, our Lord will be there for you, just lean on Him. If you need moral support, please contact me.

    all the best,

    • thank you so much Billie. We all have to remember we are in control of ourselves, even if it’s just how we react to something. Thank you for your offer of moral support. Sometimes things are so raw and rough it’s tough to talk about. Looking forward from now on

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