Review of Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit

Review – Tutorial of Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit

I am excited to review Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit.  I had this Cherub wall hanging I bought that I wanted to do something with. It hung out in my house for years unchanged and kinda creepy.

Modern Masters Metal Effects kit

The finished results, just gorgeous. Talk about Shabby Chic!

I wanted to create a faux metal tarnish ala the patina of metal sculptures, but I didn’t know how to do it. I made one horrible attempt that failed and ruined the pieces.


Modern masters review painting effects kit

The patinated bronze look that I wanted

If Pepto Bismol was green that’s what I had, yuck!

Modern Masters Metal Effects kit

Here is where I started with my neon green

Then out of the blue, I was contacted by Modern Masters to review their Metal Effects Kit (with green aging patina). They were coming to rescue me from my Pepto Bismol green.

Its a simple three-part process: the primer which looks like liquid chocolate which is always good, the paint in copper or bronze. The paint in metallic, which I love, especially in bronze, is getting the sheen of metal. The paint is called reactive paint because it reacts with the final solution to create your beautiful patina. And then there is the  Patina Aging Solution which you can get in green and blue this solution is the magic. Before you spray it the paint just looks like lovely bronze and copper after you spray it a chemical reaction happens to produce the wonderful green patination.  They are also water-based paints. So the clean up is easy. They have these and more options so check out the Modern Masters  options on amazon to see all the combinations. They also have great

odern Masters Painting Kit

Modern Masters Painting Kit: Primer – Copper paint- Bronze paint – tarnish solution available from amazon

metallic paints so great for stenciling one of my great loves. But let me focus.

It was a surprisingly easy process.

I grabbed my ugly green pieces and started to work.

Modern Masters Metal Effects kit

Cherub with primer. Doesn’t it look like chocolate?

I applied two coats of the primer.  The instructions say that the primer dries in about half an hour but I found it dries almost immediately which was great. They sent me both the copper and the bronze paint.

I used both, bronze color all over and the metallic copper on the highlights.  The paint needs to be wet to react with the aging solution and create the tarnished patina. So, I worked quickly.

After I added the second coat of paint, while it was still wet, I generously spritz with the Green Patina Aging Solution from the spray bottle.

Over the next eight hours, watch the paint slowly transform and tarnish. The cooper turns much greener than the bronze and together they created some really beautiful effects.

My neighbor came wandering by so see what I was doing, as she does sometimes. She thought I was working on metal. Yes!!!! That is what was my goal.

Final Thoughts

  1. It was an easy process.
  2. It was fast to do but the full patina takes about 24 hours to come out.
  3. The paint went a long way. I didn’t use a lot.
  4. The effect was unexpected, beautiful, and different every time.

If you need a little pizzazz in some projects grab these paints and give them a whirl. You can purchase them online from amazon.


Update: I used all the paint the sent me on different projects and bought some more.


Modern Masters Metal Effects kit

The Cherub transformed and looking like an Antique weathered treasure

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