Faux mercury Glass Tutorial

I did a tutorial on (diy) faux mercury in any color. Which was amazing who wouldn’t like a blue shinny elegant beauty.

Well here is the original faux Mercury tutorial all silver all glam.

If you only want to color your glass and skip the faux mercury fun I have a colored glass tutorial here.

Here what you will need need
some glass pieces you want to transform,
paper towels ,
a spray bottle with 50% water and vinegar solution,
Krylon Looking glass spray bird and glass 033(very important you need this exact paint)

Clean you glass really well. Do this outside to avoid the fumes.

First: mist you glass with your spray bottle of water and vinegar solution. Mist you glass piece so it has bubbles. You might see other tutorials that say don’t  let your water run on the glass. I say let it run! The more texture the better. The instructions on the Krylon looking glass will say spray on the inside, trust me spray on the outside. You want to be able to put water in it don’t you?

Next: Spray the paint over your bird and glass 035misted pieces. The water and vinegar solution will prevent the paint from

Spritzing the Glass

Spritzing the Glass

sticking. Leave it for a minute of two and blot with the paper towel. Then repeat until you get the look you want. You can choose to have it very transparent or add more layers to be more opaque. The outcome is gorgeous either way

Mist , wait, spray repeat till you are squealing with joy. It’s easy and fun. I don’t think you can make a mistake. How cool is that. Till next time –Melissa

The Medium and Small Round Vases that could

The Medium and Small Vase with the faux mercury finish

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