Share the best part of being a Mom

599062_3938818505675_1837535401_nBeing a mom is so awesome and so random. I walked into the bathroom today and saw a flashlight ( turned on) a string of disco Christmas ornaments all apart and a truck. I guess I could have gotten mad at the mess but I found it so endearing. My imaginative son was making an adventure for himself, of course he forgot to take his adventure with him or clean it up. I love being a mom I am constantly amazed and amused by the randomness of my son’s imagination. When my girlfriend was babysitting he asked her what she would do if 1000 cyclopes were in her house. She will never forget that one. With Mom’s day coming up What your best mom tidbit? Share and get a chance to win this Beautiful vase group! if you would like to find out how to make vases like this yourself check out my tutorial here.

14 thoughts on “Share the best part of being a Mom

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  2. The best part of being a mom is watching my kids grow from babies to adults, how different each child is, their sense of humor, what upsets them, what makes them tick…

      • My youngest son, but third child is almost 12. He is so funny. He stutters, and it bothers him, but he is so loved by people and his humor lightens my days. All four of my kids each are so different and offer different gifts in life…

  3. The best part of being a mom is watching them grow up over the years (mistakes and all) and having their own family.
    I thought being a mom was the greatest thing in the world until I had grandchildren. That is a joy that goes beyond anything else that I could have imagined. There is nothing like seeing your grandchildren’s faces light up when they see you, running and jumping into your arms or cuddling up with you and a cup of cocoa. Having them beg to spend the week-end with you and doing little crafts, baking and playing pretend.
    I wouldn’t change being a mom or a grammy for anything in the world. It has truly been a blessing for me.

  4. The best thing about being a mom is that you get to have grandchildren…then great grandchildren. I have 5 children (56, 55, 54, 53, 52…yes that is their ages), 11 grandchildren, and 13 1/2 great grandchildren. Christmas is loud. My best advice to all moms is to simply love your children for who they are….don’t try to make them into anything you want…just help them achieve being the best that they can be.

  5. The best part of being a Mom is knowing how important you are in their lives, long before they realize it. Remembering all of the wonderful and challenging times you endured and then watching them work through the same challenges with their own children. It is the knowledge that, as a role model, you are so very important in their development. You help them define their self-concept and see themselves as wonderful people because you told them they were and they knew you would never lie to them! Watching them grow, become friends, and start families of their own. Then finally watching then become the kind of parents that you taught them to be through your love, actions and words…and sharing those wonderful grandchildren with them!

  6. The best part about being a Mom, is watching your children grow and succeed, I pray that they learn from their mistakes, and never give up. I am so very proud of them!

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