Don’t Freak out I’m Re-Naming my Blog

button-smDon’t Freak out I’m Re-naming my Blog. As I entered this Bloggy universe I was slightly unprepared. I didn’t know that I was making a Blog. And then I was being asked what is the name of my Blog? A name?  It’s called Blog! What they have names? Ok so I tried to come up with one cute, funny and catchy. I didn’t come up with much. I just went with Furniture, Paint and DIY Fun cause that’s what I do. But it was soo Long and  slightly un-catchy. Then I said so someone: I am going to get my paint on. That’s it! Cute, catchy, perfect. Well Get you Paint on was taken so I just added “Blog” So the graphics and a few other things have changed. Don’t Freak out. It’s still me.

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