This is my backyard

Almost my back yard

This is my backyard.

Well it’s about  a mile away. When I read FOLK Magazine Community Journal Challenge subject this week get out into nature I thought I am out in nature all the time. I used to take walks daily but when was  the last time? I don’t know.  I took the dog to the open field across from my house a few times last week. Does that count? No! Does it count when  I’m refinishing furniture in my back yard? No! Does it count when I sit in my backyard with my laptop and a tea and enjoy the sights and sounds? Almost.

me and old girl dog, Milu

me and old girl dog

My friend was showing me a beautiful set of cards she has gotten and handed me one. It said get out in to nature. Someone is trying to tell me something.

So after I dropped my son off at School I took the dog and we went to the beach.

A soon as we get there she knew where she was. She is a 10 year old rescue we got last year. She stamps with excitement. I decide to have a swim, the water is cool but feels good. The dog sniffs the ground and she runs. She gallops at top speed  like a horse taking tight corners  her ears flying a big smile on her face. She runs in pure joy. Her past years abandoned in a backyard  forgotten.

Her joy is infection it makes everything feel sweeter the water the sand and air. Heading home we are both refreshed I’m ready to work and she ready to sleep curling up on the car seat. They say dogs live in the moment. I am learning from her!

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