The White Side Table

The White Side Table

After: The White Side Table

I don’t know how  haven’t painted any furniture white yet!!!? I love white furniture. When I painted some furniture for my own house a few years ago I bought one color: white! Well I guess since it was my intention to stencil just about everything I started with other colors:brown, blue, black so I could stencil in of course white. As I fell further down the rabbit hole of refinishing furniture I realized I hadn’t done anything in my favorite color. How could it be? So I went down to my storage to pick out a gem. I picked this side table with its wonderful detail. When I first saw it I HATED



that detail. I was thinking you can’t Stencil that. See how narrow minded I was? Now I am loving it because I also wanted to use some glaze to bring out the details in the piece.

To think I started out with a can of Spray paint and not one clue. Now I’m making my own Chalk paint!

I have my white from Glidden. I made my own chalk paint adding 1 tablespoon for every 8oz of paint. I cleaned the piece well and start painting. I paint three coats to get smooth coverage.I  loved the texture you get from Chalk paint. And this is the part I was really looking forward to, the glaze. I had Mathra Stewart’s glaze in black coffee. It made me a little sad to say bye bye to the crispy white finish but I think the glaze came out amazing. I’ll do another piece in a crispy white. A little waxing and voila there you have it. My first white piece. By the way I did all of the glam accessories on the table most are available in my Etsy shop don’t see it email me. Everything will be there this weekend including the table. Till next time – Lucky Girl Melissa

5 thoughts on “The White Side Table

  1. How did you make the chalk paint? I LOVE THE PEICE YOU DI, IT CAME OUT BEAUTIFUL! I have a PEICE of furniture similar to what you just did and would Love your input on how to do it as great as you.

    • Suanne, it’s super easy I promise you. I will be posting later how to make Chalk paint, but you will get the scoop earlier because you asked. For every 8oz of paint add a tablespoon of unsanded grout. But here is the real tip first thing to do is dissolve the grout completely in a little water. Figure out how much paint you will mix and figure out how much grout you and dissolve it first. that way you won’t get lumps

  2. i love this and am going to do this with my daughters furniture. I just dont understand how you got the darker detail. Did you have to sand the edges. Im trying to find how to do this but cant find anything. Can you help? Is there anywhere to find the step by step. A little more in depth. Well i guess I only dont get hot to make it with the dark details.


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