I like Shiny things

Results of my spray Painting Party with Krylon Looking Glass and white

Results of my spray Painting Party with Krylon Looking Glass and white

From Trash to Shiny: I like Shiny things and I have been busy. I am sort of supposed to be on vacation, well my son is on his spring break and we are at his and my friend’s in the Tampa arearound-vase-sm, lakeside, its pretty nice. I’m still working but I’m relaxed. I am  supposed to be finishing two tables which I will still get to but meanwhile I spotted Krylon’s Looking Glass at my local Walmart. I have been dying to try making my own Mercury Glass which requires this hard to find Krylon paint.  I had these vases, picture frames  and my favorite little bird. I knew I wanted to  spray paint some with the looking glass and some white. I figured I might as well  have spray paint party and do everything at once.

Well sometimes I don’t listen, or don’t read or don’t pay attention. I kidda missed the part of the DIY Mercury glass that it’s glass. They say ignorance is bliss well I grabbed my big picture frame, not glass and my little bird, not glass. I start to use vases-smthe technique spray a 50% water and vinegar spray a light coat of the Looking glass spray, wait one minute mist again with  the water vinegar solution, wait two minutes and blot with a paper towel. For a tutorial with groovy pictures check out my tutorial (I just added how it do it in any color). As I am going along I wasn’t getting as strong a result as red-flower-smI had expected and I realized oh, these pieces aren’t glass. Duh, Melissa. Well I really liked the effect of the frame but not on little bird so I just made little bird all shiny and a little, glam. silver-bird-smThe picture frame ended up looking like an old mirror, with the spots, which I loved. Now for the glass. I came across this wonderful blue vase I have been saving for this treatment and I had three little mason jars. They came out so awesome that I wanted to do more. I grabbed another round vase at the dollar sore and squeezed the last squirts  out of the spray paint to finish it. I think they came out awesome, not bad for a days work. Till next vase-smtime.024

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