Feeling Lucky

The table before with kid and cat on it

The table before with kid and cat on it

I decided that take part in  FOLK Magazine Community Journal Challenge this week’s subject is luck. A subject that is frequently on Presentation11-625x134my mind. I have a great kid, a great dog two cats, one ornery one not so much. Sometimes when I am making dinner and my son doesn’t want to eat anything and the dog has peed on the floor and the cats are both sitting on my newly painted table I get a little aggravated.  But even in all that chaos and nonsense. I look around and realize that this is where I want to be, this is who I want to be with, life is good.

To me luck is about the little moments. seeing my old dog that I adopted last year running with her ears flying full on joy, knowing that her life is totally different than a year ago when she was living abandoned in a backyard fending for herself. Luck is listening to my 7 year old 9ooth question and having him correct me when I read him a  story. Luck is watching Raisinette  a cat the grew up in a small cage at the vet’s swaggering around knowing she’s the boss and ridiculous Ricky the other cat that never learns anything sitting on the table AGAIN after I shooed him of it 3 times.037

That’s why kids and pets are so darn cute so we will tolerate the peeing and the nonsense.

We make our own luck, it’s up to us to decide to be grateful and lucky for what we have.

One thought on “Feeling Lucky

  1. I really love that the prompt “luck” brought us all to contentment more than winning the lottery. Sweet piece, Lucky Girl!
    May~from the Folk Journal

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