My picks for the Best Paint to Paint Furniture

Paints I love! nice and reasonable too

Paints that will save time and money

The Finished Table :Well Almost finished

The Table” painted with Martha Stewart‘s Burl and Tailor’s chalk paint

I’m not expert on paint but when I spend two extra hours painting to get even coverage and apply six coats of paint when  due to a bad paint choice I’m not happy.  I wanted to share with you the paints that I love to paint furniture and which ones I don’t. What I look for in a paint is color, coverage and drying time. As I struggle with this paint that looked great in the jar and goes on like kool-aid here is list of winners. Martha Stewart Paint for Home Depot. I discovered Marthamartha Stewart paint by getting a $2 quart from the reject pile at Home Depot. When I used it it went on like a dream and covered like heaven. All of these paints that I recommend are paint and primer together ,a godsend. I have used several colors from Martha’s line and been trilled every time. Her line is actually part of Glidden‘ s Duo line so whether you choose Martha or Glidden Duo you are getting a great paint that pretty much covers in 5cbde8eb-de27-441e-8624-b0d5755e7e70_145one coat. I use two coats anyway for an uber smooth finish. Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra. I discovered this paint when I was looking for a particular color blue Martha didn’t have. I wandered over to the next display and picked up Behr’s song bird a bright jewel blue that


was just what I needed. This another example of a paint with super coverage and beautiful colors. These are all available at Home Depot.

I also love Benjamin Moore paint but it costs almost twice as much at the Home Depot options for a similar product.

I also have to recommend Clark and Kensington carried by Ace hardware. They have had a few promotions for a free quart of paint. I was first in line! Its a great paint. Not sure on the pricing as mine as free.


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