Next on Tap: Little table

$5 cabinet next on tap

$5 cabinet next on tap

A friend of mine that knows I am always looking for little tables and cabinets to refinish. Little! Found this gem for me $5 at a yard sale. I must admit I am a little disapointed that the top has a mosaic as well. I wanted to really get my stencil on. But it is what it is. Less surface to stencil and paint. I am a little confused because the mosaics are

mosaic top

mosaic top I think is beautiful but I kidda wish wasn’t there

done really nicely and are inset, not raised. But…. the is terrible with brush marks everywhere. I am guessing that someone didn’t like the color of the original color of the cabinet and repainted it but couldn’t be bothered with finishing it nicely. Mmmmm. I’ll do it justice.

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