Plan for Blog Domination

"The Beauty" My koi Mosaic

“The Beauty” I started to give my project nicknames. Here is my Koi Mosaic. Probably been on my mind 4 years before I got around to making it.

Plan for Blog Domination- Well I started Blogging by accident, literally. I signed up for wordpress as an efficient free web site. And I couldn’t resist sharing my thoughts regularly because they make it so darn easy so to Blog. As I went on my Artistic journey and started to refinish furniture without knowing what I was doing, I wrote about it. Little did I know they were other gals out there like me with their power tools, making beautiful things and sharing. And guess what? Many of them are making a buck or two on a blogging network and with a little advertising. Hey, that sound pretty good.  I can do that! I am doing that without the bucks, lets get the bucks going. So I need peeps on my Facebook, I guess I need to pay attention to twitter and build an audience for my groovy projects. I love Pintrest. Those Pintrest peeps have been great, checking me out and giving me some nice traffic. And what can I say about Hometalk, my new love those users over there just chick and comment like no other site. They love me! So tome to go full assed instead of half assed help a girl out share my posts and like like like me. I’m ready for those bucks! See you on Blog Her.

The Finished Table :Well Almost finished

The Table. My first major Furniture project

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