Koi Mosaic Table

This is my second mosaic, not bad huh?

The Beauty

“The Beauty” my Koi mosaic table

This is The Other Table  that I nicknamed the Beauty ( making refrence to my other post THE

Audrey Di Angelo's beautiful Mosaic

Audrey Di Angelo’s beautiful Mosaic

TABLE my first epic stenciled table). I saw this picture years ago (just look at the wrinkles in that picture) of a Koi fish mosaic by Audrey Di Angelo that I thought was amazing and magical. I wanted something like that and I knew I could make it. After all I am an Artist and I am obsessed by Koi and gold fish, having three beautiful Koi of my own.  I was also quite inspired by Susan Wechsler Mosaics check her out, her work is divine.

So years later I finally have the time and the opportunity  to make it. As usual I don’t know what I am doing and hit the internet for advise. First to find little tiles to make the detail that I want. Yeah! Mosaic Trader Usa  is a local company where I can go pick up the little tiles I need.

I bought tile nippers what is that? Something to break tiles precisely. It was like cutting the tiles with a scissors. Second I need a table. The table I chose was the first one I found when I decided to refinish furniture. I wasn’t especially thrilled with the rounded corner and the ugly green paint (sorry no pictures) . I couldn’t wait to paint it white so I could start to see my table coming into focus. I painted the table and drew my on design.

Koi mosaic in progress

Koi mosaic in progress

The paint job ended up being very flat which I loved in contrast to all the vibrant colors of the top. I first laid out the bigger broken tile.

Then I tackled my first fish. The red wasn’t right . I wanted a very deep red. So long orange red hello blood red.

I’m the kind of person that likes to see the whole thing coming together verses a tackling one part at a time. So I started to do the water around fish.

Even though I knew the look I was aiming and had  an idea how the final outcome would be, when I saw it all coming together it was mesmerizing, it really was beautiful. It was like giving birth. I was creating something whose beauty had gotten away from me and was

Detail of it grouted

Detail of it grouted

beyond what I expected.

She had to get done. I pushed through till 3am on morning to finish her. I was so focused on each little tile I was laying I almost the final title going in. she’s a beauty and I’m very proud. I’ll grout her shortly and she will be officially done. Except for a touch here or there. :).

I think that the next mosaic I do will hung on the wall so they are easier to ship and I can share these with more people. What should I mosaic next? Till next time

My first Table

My first Mosaic. i still love it. Is it a mosaic or a tiled table hmmmm?

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