Stenciling Picture Frames

The raw wood mirror and picture frame from Michaels

The raw wood mirror and picture frame from Michael’s

My Etsy Shop

See them at My Etsy Shop

How do you dress up Unfinished Framed? Stencils of course!

So I came across these awesome picture frames in Michaels and I knew immediately I wanted to stencil them. I bought a big pile . I tore myself away from Stenciling my table I wanted a simple project.I figured I would do a few, NINE frames later (one was a mosaic). I guess I don’t know how to do a little of anything. I wanted to do several diffident colors and I was really excited to do the treatment of stenciling first and then

painting the frames

painting the frames

applying the stain over that. It creates a wonderful soft vintage feel. So I lined them up and painted. I love the Home Depot Martha Stewart and Glidden Duo. Then I stenciled, sorry I didn’t take picture of the stenciling I was too excited to get things done. I painted and painted and Stenciled and Stenciled. I guess this is more a before and after story verses a during. Anyhow these were my results with pictures of my son and one baby picture of me. See if you can find that picture of me and let me know.

These Beauties are My Etsy Shop. Next time I’ll take more pictures.

Frames.  I did this weekend

That’s my cute son in the pictures

my frames that I did over the weekend

my frames that I did over the weekend

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