Making of little Table

Little Table A Modern Antique Beauty

Volia! Little Table A Modern Antique Beauty

After my epic first stencil project, The Table I was ready for a more manageable project. I was at the Thrift store and saw a table that was the perfect size $5.99.  It was made out of some mystery material but at $5.99 you can’t beat it. I bought it.

Ikea lack-table

Ikea lack-table

The Rosette, stenciled then stained over. I'm in love

The Rosette, stenciled then stained over. I’m in love

Now what to do with it? The Table was very familiar to me. It looked like one of those Ikea table they are always advertising for $9.99, and sure enough it was. I looked at it this way and that way what would I do with it ? Then I remembered an  an idea online to cover the top of an existing table with wood strips to create a new table top. perfect! That will completely change the personality of the piece.


Then I could do my stain over stencil technique. In my first table I had stenciled a rosette on the raw wood and then stained over it. I loved the soft effect and wanted to do it on a whole piece. Perfect!


With my game plan  I head over to Lowes to get wood, 3 1 x 2 x 8 pieces in cedar. Then I cut them to a uniform size and glue them on to the surface (I love to glue). I plan out my stencil, again my fabulous Stencil from

The wood from Lowes

The wood from Lowes

Cutting Edge Stencils.  Then I start to stencil. I thought it would be fun to

glue the wood

glue the wood

have the vines intertwined. I can’t wait to stain, but I paint the base first . I made my own chalk paint to make sure it would stick (that is another story, we will see how that does). Now I get to stain. Yeah my favorite part! My rich beautiful Mahogany stain. It’s looking good.

I think it is a Fabulous outcome. It’s hard to believe that such a soft beautiful piece came from such a sleek modern design. What do you think?

Plan the Stencil

Plan the Stencil



Finished Table Top

Finished Table Top

17 thoughts on “Making of little Table

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    • I use Mahogany in Rustolem stain. It dries within the hour. For my chalk paint i add 1 tablespoon of add sanded grout for ever 8 o of paint. I dissolve the grout in a little warm water before I mix it in. have fun its a great technique.

      • Thank you! I cant find the stain that you used but I am curious if you applied a finishing coat to protect from water and other liquids that might spill or if you used an outdoor stain that is pretreated? Also did you use an oil based or water based paint for the stencil? One last question, do you have any other recomendations for wood that would work well, i.e. pine or poplar?Sorry for all of the questions, I want to get this right and I am new to all of this! 🙂

      • No problem Caroline. I think you can use any stain it will just end up being a little different color. To stencil I used an acrylic paint that comes in bottles from brands like Americana and Folk Art. It is available at craft stores like Michaels Joanne’s and A. C. Moore. From my experience the consistency of this paint gives me the sharpest edges to my stencil. I brush the stain on and wipe if off after about 5 mins. I did seal and protect the piece with a polycrylic a water base color coat for furniture. I hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more tips.

  2. Dear Melissa, thank you for sharing that wonderful project! What kind of glue did you take and did you have to roughen the table’s surface first?

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  4. Did you prime the bottom of the table before applying the chalk paint. I have a lack coffee table I want to do this to, and the bottom is white.

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